Safety Auditing (Aviation Industry)

TAQ provides safety and management auditing services to both the aviation industry and users of aviation services such as government and corporate agencies and other industry sectors that interface with aviation service providers.

TAQ is well qualified to carry out independent operational and technical safety assessments of your business. This may be to satisfy your own in-house Quality Assurance and Safety Management Systems utilising third party peer review for compliance with legislation or conformance with documented procedures.  TAQ performs this function for a number of operators certificated under NZCAA and other jurisdictions.

Independent safety audits may also satisfy a requirement of contracts or customers.

Specialist audits, safety reviews and risk assessments can be an essential tool in risk reduction and change management when new (long term or short term) contracts or ventures are being entered into. This tool is equally applicable to normal operational tasks as well as pre-season safety reviews or the introduction into the company of new equipment, new staff or new operational procedures.