Safety Auditing (for Users of Aviation Services)

TAQ provides safety and management auditing services to both the aviation industry and users of aviation services such as government and corporate agencies and other industry sectors that interface with aviation service providers.

Do you have specialist expertise in-house to make a sound assessment of the aviation contractors you utilise?

Do you put your own company personnel on board contracted aircraft? Can you be assured that you, as an employer, have fulfilled your duty of care and can demonstrate that you have taken all reasonable steps to ensure that the safety of your staff has been assessed?

How do you ascertain that the company you contract, its aircraft and the qualifications, skills and training of its pilots and crews is fit for your purposes, meets or exceeds industry best practice and provides your employees as well as affected third parties with a level of safety and professionalism that reflects your own corporate aspirations and responsibilities?

TAQ’s experience in this field will give you piece of mind that aviation organisations contracted by you will meet your expectations.

TAQ provides specialist operational and compliance advice and safety auditing of helipads, helidecks, operational facilities and equipment including liaison with NZCAA and the promulgation of aviation information.