John Fogden

The company’s Director is John Fogden. From 2002 to 2010 John held the position of Manager, Rotary Wing and Agricultural Unit, Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand. The previous four years he held the role of field-based Aviation Safety Adviser, also with the CAANZ.

In his role as the Manager of the CAA Rotary Wing/ Ag, Unit John managed a team of safety certification and audit staff and held responsibility for the establishment and maintenance of standards of certification and safety surveillance of all helicopter and all agricultural (including fixed wing) operations in New Zealand. During this time John managed the recertification of all commercial rotary wing operations in NZ under the revised regulatory rules structure (CAR Part 119/135) and was instrumental in the development and implementation of the CAA’s risk based’ approach to the management of safety surveillance for CAANZ.

John commenced his training in the helicopter industry in 1976 and shortly after was issued a New Zealand Commercial Helicopter License Number 134. During the following 30 to 40 years John has been involved in a broad range of single-engine and multi-engine helicopter operations both in New Zealand and internationally, including venison recovery and game capture operations, search & rescue and aero medical services, corporate/VIP, external load ops, agricultural operations, media /ENG and oil exploration.

John has held Chief Pilot and safety management positions for companies operating in excess of 30 helicopters. Between 1992 – 1995, during a 13 year period of helicopter flying in Southern Africa, John held the role of President of the Helicopter Assn. of Southern Africa, Director of the Commercial Aviation Assn of the Southern Africa, member of the Executive Committee of the Southern African Safety Council.

During his employment with the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority, John enjoyed a personal relationship with industry representative bodies, primarily the industry’s Air Rescue / Air Ambulance sector and the Agricultural Aviation Assn. and is well known to most of the helicopter industry in NZ.

After more than 40 years in the helicopter industry, including some 12 years in the regulatory environment, John believes the establishment of Total Aviation Quality Ltd. provides a platform from which to apply the experience and knowledge gained in both the commercial and regulatory sectors and to offer an experienced and independent service for both operators and their customers.