Services to the Aviation Industry

Total Aviation Quality Ltd. (TAQ) has been established with the purpose of working with a select number of aviation organisations that understand and subscribe to the principle of “continuous improvement.”

TAQ will work with company senior and operational management personnel to assist them in promoting an environment that fosters an excellence in standards of aviation safety and professionalism that exceed industry benchmarks.

Who will recognize the benefits of exceeding industry standards?

Organisations which are aware, not only of their statutory obligations in providing a safe and compliant service, but who recognize the value of maintaining a reputation as a supplier-of- choice to high profile clients and high value passengers.

“If your clientele is exceptional, then the service you provide them must be exceptional”

The aviation market is more competitive than ever before. Customers have a choice of operators competing for their business. Much competition is price based and while this may be attractive to many, price is not the point-of-difference that will attract the custom of high-end businesses.

A ‘total aviation quality’ philosophy is where your point-of-difference could lie. If you provide your services to highly placed corporate executives, skilled surgeons and medical professionals, international identities or have regular contracts with corporate or government departments, these people, their Boards or employers, will have an expectation that in engaging your services, they are assured of exceptional service, safety and professionalism.

How can TAQ contribute to a company that wants to exceed industry benchmarks?

TAQ knows that the issue of an Air Operator Certificate (AOC) by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and the ongoing safety surveillance associated with that certificate by CAA, is intended to ensure the certificate holder establishes and maintains the minimum acceptable safety standards required by legislation. This legislation (Civil Aviation Act 1990 and Civil Aviation Rules) is premised on the concept of the ‘responsible operator.’ That is; it is the responsibility of individual certificate holders to establish their own operating standards at or above that mandated by the legislation. And most operators do.

TAQ offers a service to operators wishing to provide an exceptional service rather than just a compliant service. TAQ can assist by:

  • Being independent, both from the organisation and from the client,
  • applying knowledge gained through over 40 years in the aviation industry,
  • applying experience gained from 12 years in the regulatory and safety environment,
  • researching and presenting international safety management practices
  • benchmarking against globally recognized ‘industry best practice’,
  • influencing and supporting management decision-making to confirm a company’s profile as a supplier-of-choice based on the principles of safety, professionalism and continuous improvement.